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Creative started its journey as a research based agency in 2014.

Today’s market place is becoming more chaotic, agile and complex than ever before! Understanding the market dynamics and staying ahead of the curve from competition is the key mantra to succeed in the market. You are bringing innovation in your business to keep your product or ideas unique so that you can differentiate yourself from clutter and meet the unmet demand.

We, the Creative, offer a variety of business intelligence solutions designed to solve the biggest puzzle of your business. We help you connect the dots and add sparkle insights to solve the puzzle. We actively listen to your pain point and tailor the solution to meet your exact business questions.

The people at Creative are the “first generation” researchers who have extensive experience of leading complex research projects in past. Learning from the global best practice, we are committed to find out the most appropriate and efficient solutions that would help you drive both top line and bottom line growth of your business.

The world is changing fast. So we are. Using the technology platform, we are collecting the most accurate information in the shortest possible time. We are the pulse of your tomorrow’s initiative whether finding out new ideas, or measuring customer satisfaction or measuring tracking brand performance, or measuring sales key performance indicators

  • Team of Expertise
  • Cost, Scale, Transparency, Speed & Flexibility, Technology,
  • Reliable, responsible, on-time, quality
  • Cost competitive
  • Data accuracy, right analysis and recommendation from expert panel members
  • Believe in long term partnership
  • Nationwide field coverage
  • Company Motto: WIN – WIN
Client Engagement Model Adhoc Projects

One time studies

Customized solutions every time – Based on projects’ requirement

Changes from time to time

Exclusive researcher for projects

Tracking Studies

Ongoing projects for a fixed number of days

Monthly / Bi-monthly / Quarterly / Yearly agreement on projects

Exclusive team of researchers and field for client

  • Helps you in informed decision making, leading to ultimate business growth
  • Helps you to gain a better understanding and insight of your target consumers
  • Understanding your brand position vs competitors and industry
  • Helps you to identify the gaps in the retail and work on the opportunities (SWOT)
  • Helps in Decision Making: valuable resources can be used in the right place to get maximum return
  • Cut down any unnecessary cost
  • Recommendation from Expert Panel
  • Identification of the problems is the 50% solution
  • Access to INFORMATION will lead you to WINNING

24X7 project management support to client.

Engage highly experienced strong team worldwide.

Quality of Work is at par with the best Industry Standards.

Providing one stop solution to our national and international clients.

Real-time monitoring to improve service levels and decision making.

Expertise in multiple domains with innovative, reliable and scalable solutions.

Able to provide market & social research services (Qualitative, Quantitative, Online and Investigative), website design and development services, human resource services and digital marketing services