CATI stands for Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing.

In the CATI methodology of market research, the interviewer asks the respondents questions over telephone guided by a questionnaire that is displayed on the computer monitor.

We have an experienced team of interviewers when it comes to CATI and our team can seamlessly interview respondents with no geographical constraint.

At Creative Consulting Service, we ensure a project’s success by assigning experienced Project Managers for Field Work.

Our team has significant experience in delivering CATI assignments successfully and are subject to rigorous training and continuous feedback from our in-house Quality team.

We have a state of the art CATI center with the best in class IT infrastructure for the field work and stick to all Market Research guidelines and standards while conducting the interviews.

Advantages of CATI services

High-quality data acquisition:

By making use of CATI services, our clients can be confident on the quality of data collected as the interviewer avoids any misinterpretation or incorrect question administering.

Total control on the interview’s progress:

Since the interview process is totally automated, this enables the interviewer to have an immediate check on the number of interviews conducted.

Data collection is more accurate:

CATI research method is automated so the chances of the interviewer pledging mistakes or unclear compilation of data is highly minor.

Cost Effective:

Compared with interview techniques like PAPI, CATI survey method does not involve major operational costs.

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