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Human Resource Consulting Division (Creative) is a Bangladesh human capital and management consulting firm headquartered in Bangladesh .

Specialized in professional staffing & recruitment, Payroll Process, HR Solutions, Startup Hiring, Startup Recruitment, Executive Search, Sourcing, Recruitment Planning, HR Management, Campus Recruitment, Lateral Hiring, Assessment Services, Temporary Staffing, Outplacement Services and Training & Development programs services for positions related to Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing, Construction, Finance, Insurance and Real Estate, Global Sourcing, Healthcare, Pharma, Life sciences Devices & Diagnostics, IT/Internet, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Mining, Outsourcing & Off shoring, Retail trade, Services, Technology, Telecom, Transportation and Wholesale Trade.

Human resources are the people who make up the workforce for an organization, business sector, or economy. The human capital marketplace is a multi-billion dollar industry encompassing thousands of suppliers selling hundreds of different types of products and services.