Market Research

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We are a Bangladesh-based market research company offering the full range of qualitative and quantitative approaches, from full-service consultancy, to data-only services. We work with consumer and business to business audiences across the globe. ! Our data collection methods comprise PAPI,CAPI,CATI, Mobile (mCAPI and App based), Online, Social Media, Focused Groups, Mystery Shopping, etc.
We have grown every year by forging long-term partnerships based on sector expertise, integrity and creativity – we always go further to find the answers
Market Research Work (Creative) helps to client for transform business by improving business efficiency, agility and profitability. We also help enter new markets, reduce costs, build better products, enhance brand image, improve sales processes and build long-lasting customer relationships and loyalty
Market Studies

Usage and attitude test

product and package test/ user testing

Ad and promotion testing and effectiveness

Retail studies

Customer satisfaction studies

Brand perception studies

Brand positioning and image research

Field Capabilities

H2H Random /Quota Sampling




Mystery Shopping / Shop Audit